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PNG is an exciting country for a walking holiday. Apart from the diverse and scenic geographic terrain a major attraction is passing through rural villages and meeting traditionally oriented people living subsistence lifestyles in their tribal groups. The number of outsiders they meet walking through their lands every year is miniscule and trekking in these areas you will surely come across young children who have never seen an outsider before. Our local guide walks with you on all treks, and the level of resourcing varies from package to package: on high-traffic walking routes like the Kokoda Track almost all food and equipment for your group is carried in by a team of porters because the villages don't have the capacity to feed regular trekking groups, whereas walking independently as a solo or couple in more remote areas your guide will arrange a lot of village food en route which gives you a great local experience and reduces the number of porters you need (and the trip cost). For all trekking we provide full backup from our Port Moresby office... your guide carries a local mobile phone, supplemented in off-network areas with a satellite phone, so that our offfice staff will be just a phone call away 24 hours a day in case of emergency or change of plans.

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What's the difference between a hike and a trek? A HIKE is generally a walk of not more than one or two days duration along established roads and footpaths / walking tracks. A TREK is a multi-day walk, often over more difficult terrain where there may not always be a cleared path. We could say that a trek is a series of hikes joined together.

Ecotourism Melanesia - Village to Village Trekking
Ecotourism Melanesia -  Village to Village Trekking

EM20 SOGERI JUNGLE VILLAGE TREKKING min. 1 night, max. 5 nights
A private guided jungle hiking trip passing through virgin rainforest, crossing many creeks and rivers, sleeping in remote village huts, meeting isolated Koiari bush people who rarely see outsiders - an authentic experience of remote PNG nature and culture.
This is a private secluded trekking route exclusive to our company - no tourist crowds ike the Kokoda trail. The route is flexible to suit the time you have available, minimum 1 night maximum 5 nights. The walking difficulty is 3 to 4 out of 5 which is challenging but not extreme - easier than the Kokoda Trail - and experienced hikers will find the walking very enjoyable.

See here some videos of the trip made by YouTuber Lora Travels from Bulgaria:
Ecotourism Melanesia -  Village to Village Trekking EM15C TUFI FJORDS HIKE AND PADDLE 4 nights Mon-Fri
Tufi area map

EM14 ALOTAU TO WEDAU COASTAL TREK 6 nights (please enquire)


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  All our trekking trips are ALCOHOL FREE for the well being of all the guides, porters and village people involved so if you can't do without your favourite tipple for a few days please choose another operator.